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About BigSea

We opened BIGSEA in October 1997 with one goal in mind: to build great web sites. Since then, we have tried to remain true to that goal. If you are looking for a firm who will create a user-friendly, reliable and attractive web site for your company, BIGSEA may be right for you. Give us a call. We're here to help.

What is BIGSEA? It is a metaphor. A philosophy. A way of doing business.

If you have ever searched the web for a specific answer to a simple question, you have experienced what many people describe as "wading through a 'big sea' of information". That's the metaphor. At BIGSEA, we feel that the internet can be made simpler and more managable-- one web site at a time. Our goal is to help you build an attractive, easy to use site that helps your customers find the answers they need quickly and easily.

And our philosophy? We believe that the internet should be an easy-to-use, useful tool. We try to follow that philosophy with every site we build. While we can't take responsibility for the Internet as a whole, we can take responsibility for our little part of it. We try to build our sites so that they look good, load quickly, are easy to navigate, and present your company in a professional light.

BigSea also represents a way of doing business. We believe that business should be done honestly and ethically and we believe that we can be very successful if we stick to those ideals. We strive to provide "knock your socks off" service. We want our customers to feel that they receive a good value at a fair price.

About Our Web Site

A potential client once said to me: "I don't get it: what is your site all about?". Good question. At first glance, our site may not make much sense to a new visitor. We have articles about web development and hosting, links to tech support and services, dynamic news feeds from national publications like the New York Times, a calendar, and a search box, among other things.

I'll agree that we've broken just about every marketing rule in the book. But that's the point. This site is part marketing, part customer service, part technical support, and mostly a showcase of interesting technologies that we can implement for our customers on their web sites.

Take the calendar, for instance. To a casual visitor, it just looks like a normal calendar with the current day highlighted. But it is really a daily index to all of the articles that we have archived on our site.

And the search engine? How many times have you visited a site looking for a specific piece of information only to be frustrated because they didn't offer a way to search their content? An integrated search engine is another example of the kind of functionality that we can offer our clients for their own websites.

You will also see references to Rev9 throughout our site. What is Rev9, you ask? Rev9 is a tool that our customers can use to keep their sites up-to-date, every day. Although the casual visitor may not realize it, this site is driven by Rev9. If it were not for Rev9, keeping a site like this up-to-date would be a major pain. If you don't believe me, try it the old fashioned way, then give us a call. We can convert your existing site to a Rev9 site. We'll teach you how to use your web browser to edit your site (that's right, I said "web browser"). And then you will understand the beauty of Rev9. Remember, give us a call. We're here to help.
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A metaphor. A philosophy. A way of doing business.

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