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The best way to add value to your website...

You've had your site online for a while now, and the excitement has worn off. Maybe your site is beginning to look a little tired, a little old, and a little more boring now that you have read the same content over and over (and over) again.

When you first thought about having your own website, you imagined that you would keep it updated with fresh content. You would add new product information, replace your print newsletter with an online version, and use your site to communicate your latest and greatest offerings to your customers.

But your site sits there, much as it was the day you signed off on the work and paid your bill for the site development. It's not really your fault; maintaining a website can be a lot of work. Aside from the details of gathering and writing fresh content there are the issues of getting your developer to update the pages for you, or (if you maintain the site yourself) struggling with finding the correct pages to update on your local machine, then uploading the pages with an archaic FTP application. You say to yourself: "there has got to be a better way".

There is. Soon, BIGSEA will be introducing a new service called Rev9* that will make keeping your website up to date as simple as browsing to the page you want to change, clicking a button, making the changes, and then saving your work. No FTP. No developer to get in the way. Just a simple click, edit, save.

Sound good? It is. Really good. If you are interested in learning more about this service, give us a call. We can set up a personal demo for you so that you can see for yourself how easy web site maintenance can be. Then if you want, we can discuss how BIGSEA can help you convert your current site to a Rev9 site. Call us. We're here to help.

*Rev9 is short for Revision 9 or 9th Revision. We wanted it to be obvious that this product was designed to make it easy for you to revise your website. Revise it once, twice, nine (or more) times if you want. In fact, there is no limit to the number of times you can make changes. It's as easy as click, edit, save. With Rev9, you can edit your site like the Big Boys. (You really didn't think big newspaper sites had a webmaster who FTP'd new pages to the server every day, did you?)

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