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Automated Tasks (

A cron job can be set up to automatically run a script(s) within your cgi-local directory (if available). We can schedule one cron job per account to run between the hours of 2:00AM and 4:00AM ET on a daily basis. To request a cron job, you will first need to create a shell script which includes the system path to the script(s) you wish to have executed.




In the example above, two scripts located within the account's cgi-local directory will be run. You can add or subtract lines depending on how many scripts you wish to have executed. Be sure to substitute the userid of the site in question. URLs or references to server numbers (e.g. /www23/testco/... will NOT work.)

The newly created shell script must be named "" and be uploaded to your hosting account's cgi-local directory in ASCII transfer mode.  When complete, send your request to Technical Support. If desired, you can specify a time between the hours of 2:00AM and 4:00AM ET that you would like the cron job to be scheduled. If no time is specified, the cron job will be scheduled to run sometime during that period of time.

Once your cron job is scheduled, you can update your as needed without contacting Technical Support unless you wish to change the scheduled run time.

C compilations

We can run only two C compilations for you. As such, we suggest Perl as an alternative scripting language. C++ is NOT supported.

If you would like to implement code that is written in C, you will first need to create and upload a makefile to your hostings account's cgi-local directory along with the source code. Once the makefile and code has been uploaded, you will need to contact Technical Support request that we compile the code. Note: You must create the makefile; we cannot compile the code without a makefile.

The code for a simple makefile is included below. If you need further information on creating makefiles, we suggest that you review the 'make' documentation or consult a tutorial on the 'make' program. We are unable to assist in the creation or editing of the makefile.

The following is a samle makefike:

 CC=cc AR=ar
             test: test.cgi
             test.cgi: test.h test.c ${CC} -o test.cgi test.c

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